RS Round Arch

How It Works

The RS Round Arch stage is a magnificent stage in size, attractive ground support solution for events held on any outdoor grounds. Its perfect round arch offers organisers extensive rigging capabilities (up to 50 tonnes), ample for almost any production requirements. With skins all round, and no poles/structures obstructing the width of, it gives audiences a full view of the action on stage. The RS Round Arch Stage has been designed to give a different experience to both the performers and audiences providing for an outdoor luxury festival feel. Its unique in shape and size. The profile offers an aesthetic alternative to the usual truss structures, as well as the added strength of a steel system. The RS Round Arch stage is available in spans of up to 48m.


The stage is built from Right Structures’ modular system which consists of identical steel components, joined together with a bolted node. Built entirely on the ground it enables production equipment such as motors, lights and PA to be hung before it is lifted, improving safety by significantly reducing the need to work at height. The stage system packs into just two trucks making it cost effective and economical for transportation.

Annual National Concert

Right Structures has designed and installed the stage for the Annual Concert held by the Tenor Joseph Calleja in Concert. The Round Arch stage is the perfect setting for a large stage set-up, providing the audience amounting to over 10K with uninterrupted views of the performance.