Queen's Coronation, Buckingham Palace

Queen's Coronation, Buckingham Palace

Right Structures’ RS Arch Stage was the central feature at the Queen’s Coronation Festival held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It housed spectacular evening performances from artists as diverse as The National Youth Orchestra, The Feeling, The National Ballet and Katherine Jenkins.

The stage allowed event organisers Media 10 and Hawthorns to achieve what no event ever has in this iconic location – build a stage against the backdrop of the palace itself. Building on the 10m wide rear terrace left just a 50cm gap between the stage and the palace walls, requiring careful attention from the Right Structures’ team.

The final stage featured an arch spanning 45m wide, 17m at the highest point and 10m deep, with white PVC skins. An additional 10m canopy was added at the front and supported by two hollow steel legs just 32cm wide, giving unbelievably clear sightlines to the live and TV audience.

The stage was built in just 44 hours, four hours ahead of schedule despite the tight time and security restrictions imposed by the palace.

With a total weight loading capacity of 60 tonnes it allowed Hawthorns and broadcasters the BBC the flexibility to hang as much AV, PA and camera equipment as required. The entire stage was transported in just two trucks.

The Coronation Festival took place over four days in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in July 2013, celebrating the 60th anniversary year of The Queen's Coronation.