RS Arch Stage

How It Works

The RS Arch Stage has been designed as an alternative to the standard ‘black box’ stage. It gives event organisers and production managers an unusual, aesthetically appealing staging solution which will set any concert or festival apart. Available in a variety of spans, the arched roof is supported by just two slim poles at the front, giving clear viewing for audiences. It can be adapted to meet your needs with a sharper or softer arch, or additional canopy sections added to the front. The slim support poles can also be used to rig speaker stacks.


The RS Arch Stage is engineered using Right Structures’ modular system, consisting of steel profiles, nodes and bolts. Constructed entirely on the ground it negates the need for working at height, significantly improving health and safety during build. You can hang from any node across the entire width of the stage, allowing four rigging points, every square meter, giving lighting and sound designers a flexible rigging solution to meet their requirements. The stage system packs into just two trucks making it cost effective and economical for transportation.

Queen's Coronation, Buckingham Palace

Right Structures’ RS Arch Stage was the central feature at the Queen’s Coronation Festival held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It housed spectacular evening performances from artists as diverse as The National Youth Orchestra, The Feeling, The National Ballet and Katherine Jenkins.